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This whip is ready to hit the streets and celebrate with a resounding crack! This whip is plaited in all of the colors of the rainbow and finished off with a Lady Liberty Concho, because she's fabulous of course. Choose your whip length, handle length and heel knot color and you are good to go!

Whip Length

Handle Length

Heel Knot Color

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This beast of a bullwhip is inspired by the notorious villain from Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth. It is plaited with silver in the thong and white in the handle, while the handle is covered in Ito cord for a traditional Tsuka-Maki wrap as you would see on a Katana. The whip only comes in 8, 10 and 12 foot lengths because anything shorter just wouldn't do!

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This is a custom made to order American Flag inspired Bullwhip! So grill up some burgers, grab a brewskie and make your own fireworks by breaking the sound barrier. You'll be the talk of the neighborhood at your fourth of July gathering! These bullwhips are Red, White and Blue (duh!). This whip is finished at the heel with an American Eagle coin concho. It screams American Pride! These whips are also waxed after completion, giving them a protective layer from moisture and a professional finish.

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